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We Work for You, Not the Credit Card Company.

We negotiate your debt and work to provide a path to financial stability. A sensible, doable way out:
That’s what DebtBlue provides.

DebtBlue Advantage Loan Program

Looking for the best way to beat credit card debt? We think you’ll like DebtBlue’s Advantage Loan program. It’s quick and easy to get started. Our program will work to help restore your credit profile. It helps preserve your “lend-ability.”

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What makes debt settlement a great option for regaining financial freedom? Give us five minutes to cover the 5W’s (i.e., Who, What, When), and we think you’ll agree that debt settlement may be your best path to debt relief.

Getting Out of Debt: What are My Options?

So, you’re buried in credit card bills. Late fees are piling up, and double-digit interest rates are making it nearly impossible for you to pay down your balance. DebtBlue is here for you and wants to help you understand your options for getting out of credit card debt.

Why DebtBlue?

When you’re ready to take control of credit card or other unsecured debts, you may be wondering how you’ll pull it off. Might we suggest: Teamwork? DebtBlue partners with you in your path to financial freedom… negotiating, planning, tracking… Together we can do this.

Two Steps to Debt Freedom

(Trust us: We wanted a three-step process, but this stuff is just too straightforward.)

You call DebtBlue. We listen.

We’ll determine where you stand and then cover how we can help. You’ll know your potential savings before we’ve been on the phone for 10 minutes.

Enroll with DebtBlue

We’ll take it from here. We negotiate settlements with your creditors for far less than what you owe and help you work through a customized payoff plan.

Resources for Beating Debt

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