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DebtBlue works with people like you, settling debts for less so you get out of debt faster.

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DebtBlue’s program is proven to work. Your unsecured debt may be able to be settled for cents on the dollar and much more quickly than making the minimum monthly payments. You get fast, friendly service from DebtBlue backed by over 20 years of experience.


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The DebtBlue debt reduction program is a simple, straightforward path to debt freedom for qualifying consumers struggling with credit card debt. It’s not for everyone, and you do have to qualify. Gain a general overview of our program…

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Two Steps to Debt Freedom

(Trust us: We wanted a three-step process, but this stuff is just too straightforward.)

You call DebtBlue. We listen.

We’ll determine where you stand and then cover how we can help. You’ll know your potential savings before we’ve been on the phone for 10 minutes.

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We’ll take it from here. We negotiate settlements with your creditors for far less than what you owe and help you work through a customized payoff plan.

Balance Reductions and Lower Monthly Payments

When you become part of our debt reduction program, your monthly deposits will be lower than monthly payments you were making.

Looking for Relief from Credit Card Debt and Other Unsecured Debts?

We’ll help you pay less and reduce the number of months until debt freedom–guaranteed.

Resources for Beating Debt

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