Our Program

Our Program
A general overview of our program, qualifications and more.

Simple. Straightforward .

A Trusted Path to Financial Independence.

Our program provides a straightforward path to debt freedom for qualifying consumers struggling with credit card debt. It’s not for everyone, and you do have to qualify. But in terms of debt relief options, debt reduction–also referred to debt negotiation or debt resolution–can be a welcome solution for saving money and getting out of debt faster. It’s no surprise that many Americans face significant problems with their debts. And with the recent events, including the pandemic and accompanying economic unrest, more and more Americans are struggling and falling behind in paying their unsecured debts. When you work with DebtBlue, you’re working with a team of professionals from first contact through program graduation.

Here’s a summary of how the program works:

1. Free Consultation

Give us 10 minutes to discuss your situation and present your options.

2. Enroll

We make the paperwork easy and answer all your questions.

3. Build Wealth

Make monthly deposits into your special-purpose savings account.

4. We Negotiate

We negotiate with creditors for you, and you approve each resolution.

5. You Celebrate!

Graduate your debt resolution program and live debt free!

Here's the real scoop, from yay to nay.

What We Can Help With

Which Debts Qualify, Which Ones Don't?

We’ve listed a few of the debt types we can address through debt resolution. Please contact a DebtBlue certified debt consultant to find out about a specific debt not listed.



Balance Reductions and Lower Monthly Payments

When you become part of our debt reduction program, your monthly deposits will likely be lower than monthly payments you are making.

Leave Stress Behind

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Get Ahead of Your Debt

2-Steps to Financial Independence