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Client Roadmap

Client Roadmap
What You Should Expect, and When.

Your Roadmap to Financial Independence

What does the timeline typically look like?

Our debt resolution program can provide significant results, but certainly requires patience and commitment. We want to be as transparent as possible when it comes to what you should expect after enrolling in the DebtBlue program. Below you can take a look at the typical timeline for our clients who start on their path to financial independence.

Not every client can expect to follow this guide explicitly during their journey, but this is a good tool to reference where you stand along the way, and what the next steps will be.
A Journey We'll Take Together

Everyone Loves a Driving Metaphor

Day 1 - Talk to a DebtBlue Associate

Before embarking on any roadtrip you always want to plan your route! During your call with one of our debt specialists we'll cover all of your options when it comes to getting in control of your debt - be it Debt Resolution, Debt Consolidation or a different approach.

This call will outline every pit-stop, landmark, and mile marker along your journey to financial independence!

Day 1 - Quality Control Check-Up

You'll definitely want to check the car before you hit the road - fill up with gas, gauge the tire pressure, and overall health of the vehicle! Once you've decided to enroll in the DebtBlue program our Verifications Team will inspect every aspect of your account for accuracy, making sure everything is in order.

This step is designed to catch any little detail that might disrupt your program, and promises our industry leading quality control standards are met!

Day 1 - Welcome to the Family

We're honored to have your trust placed in our hands, and don't take that responsibility lightly. After completing the Verification process, you'll be introduced to our award winning Client Success Team!

During your welcome call, you'll learn about the various tools at your disposal throughout your DebtBlue program. These team members are here to help you every step of the way!

The First Weeks - Your First Deposits

With any road-trip, you'll need to keep the gas tank full in order to log more miles. As you begin your journey, you'll start making deposits into your secured escrow account. This is the Global Holdings fund that DebtBlue will use as leverage when the time comes to begin the negotiations process.

Remember: No action is taken on these funds without your explicit approval!

Day 30 - Have a Chat with Client Care

As you progress, on your journey it is important to make sure you check your navigation to stay on course. You'll want to review the mile markers approaching and what to expect when you get there.

At your one-month landmark our Client Care team will begin initiating phone calls with you to touch base, answer any questions, and make sure you're feeling confident with your program.

Months 1 to 3 - Identify Financial Landmarks

The further along your roadmap you get, you'll finally be able to enjoy taking in some scenery! Make sure you're accessing your client portal to review your account and familiarize yourself with its offerings.

Working on your financial literacy, responsibility, and accountability is difficult. It's important to recognize the efforts you've made!

Months 3 to 6 - Negotiations & Creditor Calls

At this point your accounts with your creditors have likely lapsed long enough for collector calls to begin - if they haven't already. These are merely speed bumps along your road to restoring your financial independence.

By now you've established a healthy Global Holdings escrow fund and have begun to accumulate a formidable sum for our Negotiators to use as leverage to settle your accounts. Now is when you'll start to see real, impactful results.

Blow a Tire? Call Roadside Assistance!

There's always a chance of car trouble on a long road trip. The likelihood is small, but the possibility remains. So, what do you do in these situations? Call roadside assistance!

Some creditors attempt to intimidate people behind on payments by initiating legal action. Don't worry! We've got you covered. DebtBlue partners with different legal firms to provide protection in these rare occurrences. If you're contacted regarding potential legal action on any of your accounts, call us immediately!

Lose your job or experience an emergency that will impact your program? Call us, we're here to help!

Month 8 - All Aboard the FastTrac

Looking to upgrade your vehicle? For those road warriors who are able to adhere to their deposit schedule for 8-consecutive months are potentially eligible to apply for a FastTrac Loan from our partner Sky Bridge Financial.

This option affords you the opportunity to consolidate your debts into a single sum to expedite your path through the program! Be sure to inquire with our Client Success team about your eligibility.

Months 9 to 12 - Your Exit Up Ahead!

Your travel time is finally dwindling down! Our team of Negotiations experts have been diligently working on settling terms for your debts, and their results are finally palpable! Historically, some creditors require more extensive navigation, but in our experience your exit sign is fast approaching.

Throughout your program, you've been preparing for your return to financial independence. Perfect and refine your newly established arsenal to set yourself up for success!

Months 12 and on : Your Final Destination

Your accounts are settled and it's time for Graduation! We understand the trust our clients instill upon us is a privilege. Obviously, the timeline in which your road-trip completes will vary depending on your specific circumstances and financial situation.

As your journey with us comes to a close, it is up to you to ensure the new roads ahead of you are set for greener pastures!

Congratulations! What you've accomplished is no small feat and should be exalted - welcome back to financial independence!

Your Graduation!

There's upsides and downsides. Let's take a look.

Pros and Cons of Debt Resolution

Positive Impacts

Potential Cons

For Whom Does Debt Resolution Work Best?

Debt resolution is best suited for individuals who are struggling with very serious debt, who cannot make required minimum payments, and who would otherwise be considering bankruptcy or credit counseling. For consumers seeking a low monthly program payment and who want to resolve debts relatively quickly, debt resolution will be the best alternative.

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