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About Us

About Us

What sets DebtBlue apart from the rest?

Our Core Values

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  • DebtBluers use integrity and empathy to direct our interactions with clients and team members.
  • We do this by actively listening and proactively responding with effective communication and in a caring, professional manner.
  • Our actions reflect that the company, teams, and clients are elevated over our own personal needs.
  • "We don't want to be the biggest company in the debt relief industry - we want to be the most admired."
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  • DebtBluers never stop sharpening their skills. They learn from others, ask for help and never settle for how it has always been done.
  • DebtBluers make their future. We are very curious and want to learn. We empower our people to voice ideas, opinions, and feedback.
  • Candid feedback and coaching are essential for learning. DebtBluers actively seek and embrace continuous feedback from team members and leaders.
  • "Continuous improvement is the core of our team's, and by extension, our clients' success."
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  • Leadership transparently reviews our results, and DebtBluers take what we learn to improve, adapt, and grow.
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI) are how we measure the success of our organization. With KPIs, we track progress, learn from results, and adapt our processes. We test against our results and repeat what works as we continually pursue excellence in our industry.
  • "We dedicate ourselves to doing the right thing at each and every level of our organization."
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  • DebtBluers know that discipline and hard work create wins. They also learn from every setback.
  • We only fail when we don’t reflect, learn, and adapt from failure.
  • "When we give ourselves permission to fail, we, at the same time, give ourselves permission to excel."
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  • DebtBluers think outside the box to solve team member and client issues.
  • We don’t stop at NO or CAN’T.
  • We identify issues and don’t tolerate them. DebtBluers leverage technology to evolve systems, reduce waste, permanently resolve issues, and refine documentation to mature our business process for the next DebtBluer.
  • “Logic will only get you from point A to point B, but imagination will take you everywhere else.”
    Loyalty. Strength. Wisdom. Trust.

    Why did we choose Blue?

    The color Blue symbolizes loyalty, strength, wisdom and trust. Blue is also known to bring a calming effect on the psyche when times are tough. At DebtBlue, we know and sympathize with each one of our clients who is going through a financial hardship. We want to become the stabilizing force that provides our clients confidence and calm in their current situation. Although the weight of debt can feel overwhelming and seem insurmountable, we strive to be a reliable and responsible partner. Together, we know we are on a stable path to bluer skies and a brighter future.

    Our Executive Pioneers

    Leadership Team

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    Our program is available in 40+ states and expanding every month.

    DebtBlue Service Area

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    Let's get to know each other.

    Debt Relief Is Only a Call or Click Away .

    We have over 20+
    years of experience.

    The DebtBlue team is committed to helping individuals and families get back on their feet financially. By reducing the principal portion of your credit card debt, department store bills or medical bills, DebtBlue clients can get out of debt more quickly and regain the financial stability that may be lost to the unexpected loss of a job, sickness, or divorce.

    The DebtBlue team is comprised of finance specialists who “speak the language” of debt resolution. We have deep connections throughout the creditor landscape, and we fight hard to maximize debt savings with every interaction we make on your behalf.

    We Understand.

    This is your livelihood, your peace of mind, your good night’s sleep that’s at stake. And we get that.

    Our team is here to perform for you, negotiating the deepest reductions and terms for your best-case debt resolution. We serve with integrity, and our clients are the center of our debt resolution universe.

    Ready to Serve.

    Partner with a team that’s “been there, done that” when it comes to debt management. Our team of finance specialists works hard from our Dallas/Fort Worth headquarters and across the nation.

    You’re a call or a click away to restoring your peace of mind.

    What are you waiting for?

    Start your journey to financial independence today!