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Use a Debt Resolution Strategy to Reduce Your Monthly Debt Payments
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Debt Resolution from DebtBlue

DebtBlue is a Debt Resolution firm. This means we negotiate with your creditors on your behalf to get them to forgive, resolve or take an offer for less than you owe. Debt Resolution works for debts that are classified as “unsecured debt.” Unsecured debt includes Credit Cards, Medical Bills or Hospital Bills, Department Store Debts or even Personal Loans. It will not work for secured debts like mortgages or car loans.

We take the hassle and stress off your shoulders and begin to work strategically for you to help you save the maximum amount possible. DebtBlue takes the time to listen.

A Deeper Look at Debt Resolution

With a structured resolution program, a consumer will repay their debts in an average of two to three years. This is much less time than they would spend paying back their debts with other debt relief options while also avoiding bankruptcy.

There may be minor negative consequences to debt resolution for consumers to endure during the debt resolution process, including:

These negative consequences for consumers in a debt resolution program can be well managed during the debt resolution process and successfully repaired after completion of the program. As with any debt relief option, you must weigh the overall benefits of debt resolution with all of the potential, negative side effects of this option and must complete the program to see the desired results.


Debt resolution, also known as debt negotiation, or debt reduction, is the process of working to resolve debts for less than what a consumer owes. Typically, a debt resolution firm acts as the consumer’s advocate, working to lower principal balances and to resolve debts so that the consumer can achieve financial freedom. A debt resolution firm does not make monthly payments to creditors but rather negotiates directly with the consumer’s creditors while the consumer accumulates funds for the resolution through a monthly program payment. Debt resolution firms charge consumers a fee for their services. For compliant and ethical firms, this fee is only charged AFTER the client has had a successful resolution and received results.

Debt resolution is optimal for individuals or families who are in financial hardship or struggling with large debt burdens, and those who are looking for an alternative to bankruptcy. Debt resolution programs help qualified clients who stay with the program fully resolve their enrolled debts in approximately two to four years.


Unlike other forms of debt relief, debt resolution is based on the future resolution of a consumer’s accounts, which means that results vary significantly. It is very important to only work with a qualified and accredited Certified Debt Specialist (CDS) provider.

Debt Resolution Pros

Along with the potential of reducing total principal owed, debt resolutiuon programs provide one low monthly program payment. This program payment is used to accumulate funds for the resolutions. These payments are typically significantly less than minimum payments and the monthly payment required by a credit counseling firm. Consumers who stay with and complete a debt resolution program may be able to resolve all enrolled debt within two to four years versus five years for credit counseling or frequently up to 15 years (or more) when simply making minimum monthly payments. Compliant and ethical debt resolution companies only charge fees associated with debts that they actually resolve. No conflict of interest exists with creditors, because the debt resolution provider receives no payments from credit card companies and acts solely as the consumer’s credit advocate.

For Whom Does Debt Resolution Work Best?

Debt resolution is best suited for individuals who are struggling with very serious debt, who cannot make required minimum payments, and who would otherwise be considering bankruptcy or credit counseling. For consumers seeking a low monthly program payment and who want to resolve debts relatively quickly, debt resolution will be the best alternative.

Debt Resolution Pros

Debt resolution can have a negative impact on credit scores, because consumers do not make payments to creditors while they are accumulating resolution funds; also, creditors or collectors are likely to contact consumers during the resolution period (consumers should expect help with managing collection calls from a good debt resolution company that acts as their credit advocate); fees and interest will accumulate during the resolution period, and should be taken into account when calculating savings; creditors can take legal action against consumers for unpaid accounts during the resolution period.

Balance Reductions and Lower Monthly Payments

When you become part of our debt reduction program, your monthly deposits will be lower than monthly payments you were making.

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