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Wondering how much you can save with DebtBlue?

A clear understanding of your situation makes it easier to determine which solution will work for you. Use the DebtBlue financial calculator below to indicate how much unsecured debt you currently have and at what interest rate. The calculator will give you an estimated monthly payment and how much you can save compared to your current debt repayment plan and debt consolidation.

Keep in mind that our debt calculators will only give approximate numbers. For a personalized quote, click here and a trained specialist from our team will reach out to you to discuss your situation and provide you with a solution for your unique circumstances.

Debt Relief with DebtBlue

  • Months of Pay Off 36
  • Interest Rate 0%
  • Total Interest Paid $0.00
  • Monthly Payment $434
  • Total Cost $15,591
  • TOTAL SAVINGS $4,409

Debt Consolidation

  • Months of Pay Off 48
  • Interest Rate 19%
  • Total Interest Paid $8,705
  • Monthly Payment $599
  • Total Cost $28,705
  • YOU WILL PAY $28,705

Do Nothing

(Make Minimum Payments Only)

  • Months of Pay Off 323
  • Interest Rate 22%
  • Total Interest Paid $30,586
  • Monthly Payment $600
  • Total Cost $50,586
  • YOU WILL PAY $50,586

Disclaimer: This calculator is provided as a general guide for the purposes of helping you to visualize what a debt settlement calculation may look like for you. No guarantees are made that these calculations apply to any person(s) using this website.

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