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This is one of the most negative effects of a debt resolution program: creditor calls.

Anytime you owe somebody money, they have the right to call you. However, there are many laws and statutes around how creditors can collect and when they can make those phone calls. This includes what time, what they can ask on that call, and who they can contact about your accounts.

The great thing about handling creditor calls… is that we tell you just to forward them to us. DebtBlue has relationships directly with the majority of creditors and collection agencies, and many times we can reduce or eliminate those calls on your behalf. If you’re active in our debt resolution program, creditors will usually stop collection efforts because they know you are saving with DebtBlue to pay that debt.

In other situations, we use the CLG Plus Plan, Veritas, or Fortress Legal Plan to make sure that creditors and collection agencies don’t violate your rights through the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA).

If there is a violation, CLG Plus, Veritas or Fortress will take legal action against them. And, in some cases, our clients receive a significant amount of money if their rights are violated. So, make sure you work with our client success team if creditor calls become overbearing. Let’s make sure that we’re using all your legal remedies to reduce creditor calls.