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DebtBlue refers to creditors that threaten legal action as a “priority account.” Think of it as a creditor trying to skip the line… like somebody’s getting a Fast Pass at an amusement park, saying “Hey, I don’t want to wait in line… I want to go straight to the front, so I’m going to take a legal action.”

Creditors know that a legal action–or a perceived legal action–that threatens you or puts you into a fear-based mindset, is a tactic that makes a client want to pay that creditor faster.

So, what happens if you receive a summons? First, call your DebtBlue Client Success team and second, forward the notice to DebtBlue and we will take it from there. We are very successful at resolving our priority accounts and have Sr. Negotiators assigned specifically to these accounts.

Typically less than 1% of all accounts that are enrolled will experience an aggressive legal action. That is why we have the CLG Plus Plan, Veritas, and Fortress Legal Plans: to add confidence for our clients in these unique and rare situations.