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7 Financial Best Practices Right After a Lay-Off

Getting laid off is a challenging situation for a number of reasons. It’s a surprise, disruption, and morale hit. But most importantly, it’s a sudden loss of income. If you already have debt and are worried about living off credit cards until you can secure a new job, now is an important time to plan your finances very carefully.

Marathon Money: Long-Term Financial Planning Strategies

In marathon running, you need to conserve your energy, planning for the long-haul instead of burning everything you’ve got right away. The same is true when it comes to building a a plan for your budget, savings, debt repayment, and even investments. By planning your budget like a marathon, you can set yourself up for long-term success.

Mastering The 5 Building Blocks to Demystify Your Credit Score

Feel like your credit score is a cryptic gatekeeper, controlling access to your financial castle? Loan denied! Mortgage application rejected! No approval for that shiny new credit card! It may seem like your credit score is a mysterious three-digit number, judging your financial worthiness by some secret formula. But having a great credit score isn’t magic—it’s understanding the 5 core building blocks that shape it.

Unsecured Debt vs. Secured Debt

Unsecured Debt vs. Secured Debt: Key Differences and Implications While exploring your borrowing options, you may encounter secured and unsecured debt. Understanding the differences between these two types of debt can help you make better borrowing decisions. If you’re like most people, you may be considering taking out a loan or borrowing money for various […]

Inside a Debt Negotiation Program

What to Expect and How It Can Help You When it feels like you’re drowning in debt, don’t lose hope. Life can be hard, and sometimes the financial burden of unpaid bills and looming interest is too much to bear. But there’s a way out! Even when all your money troubles seem insurmountable, you have […]