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Escape the Debt Trap

Escape the Debt Trap: Tips to Avoid Bankruptcy and Win Financially Debt can be a heavy burden, sometimes feeling like there is no way out. The thought of declaring bankruptcy might cross your mind, but knowing there are other options is important. Bankruptcy can have serious consequences on your credit score, and it’s not a […]

How to Vacation on a Budget

Spring & Summer Break on a Shoestring Budget? It is Possible! Spring and summer breaks are filled with long, lazy days. And there’s only so much screen time you can let the kids have before you feel guilty or can repeat each episode of Teen Titans Go verbatim. But taking the kids out to do […]

Your Toolkit for Financial Independence

Creating A Financial Toolkit This is the second in our series of blogs for National Financial Literacy Month. Our focus in this blog is on creating a financial toolkit. Whether your goal is to manage debt, begin a savings plan, or salt that extra income away for retirement, you need a financial tool kit. Here's […]

Maximize Your Tax Refund to Pay Down Debt

Maximize Your Tax Refund to Pay Down Debt Ensuring the optimal outcome for your tax refunds can be daunting yet achievable. From judiciously selecting the most reliable companies and tax advisors to filing timely and capitalizing on any exemptions, learn the best practices to maximize the lucrative potential of your returns in order to pay […]

Taking Control of Your Finances: Celebrating Financial Literacy Month

Financial Literacy Month: Why it Matters Financial literacy is crucial in today’s world. With the economy constantly fluctuating and the rising costs of living, it’s more important than ever to be knowledgeable about your personal finances. April is recognized as Financial Literacy Month, and it’s a great time to focus on the importance of financial […]