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Why Choose DebtBlue

DebtBlue’s program is proven to work. We develop a customized reduction plan with you. You are free from the stress and pressure of dealing with your creditors because we negotiate directly with them on your behalf. You get fast, friendly service from DebtBlue backed by over 20 years of experience.

Will debt resolution affect your credit?

A typical client in a debt resolution program will experience a temporary 80-100 point drop in their credit score. However, it rebounds as the client’s debt is resolved. So, ask yourself: What is your credit doing for you now? Typically, credit is something that you need to get more debt. And that’s not what we […]

What if I get sued?

DebtBlue refers to creditors that threaten legal action as a “priority account.” Think of it as a creditor trying to skip the line… like somebody’s getting a Fast Pass at an amusement park, saying “Hey, I don’t want to wait in line… I want to go straight to the front, so I’m going to take […]

Will this impact my taxes?

The short answer is no. However, can you be taxed for the forgiveness of debt? Yes. And that’s done with a Form 1099. The IRS views debt forgiveness like this: If somebody writes off a portion of your debt, then you have to declare that as income. You have to declare that as 1099 income […]

How do I handle creditor calls?

This is one of the most negative effects of a debt resolution program: creditor calls. Anytime you owe somebody money, they have the right to call you. However, there are many laws and statutes around how creditors can collect and when they can make those phone calls. This includes what time, what they can ask […]