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When will you contact/settle with my creditors?

That depends on many factors. Once your first draft cleared, we assign negotiators to your account, and they will assess your portfolio to determine a plan of action to tackle your outstanding balances. Our goal is to get you out of this debt ASAP and on your way to financial freedom. We will keep you […]

I cannot afford my draft. Can I lower the payments?

We have options for you if you are no longer able to afford the monthly payment we budgeted for you. You have the ability to skip one monthly deposit per 12 months, or we can revisit your hardship and budget to see if anything has changed and we can make recommendations based on new findings. […]

Why is my program longer than my estimated time?

We worked with you to establish an estimated program length based on the best information available to us at the time. There are many factors that impact whether a client’s program is shorter or longer than we project at enrollment, such as the creditors willingness to settle your current escrow balance, and your drafting history. […]

What fees are included in the program?

Our fee is typically roughly 25% of the debt that you enrolled at the time you enrolled. Remember: no fees are collected up front. We don’t collect anything until we render service and until the payment is made to the creditor, then DebtBlue will collect its fee but only for that resolved account. In addition […]

How long is this going to take?

Our typical program length is about 32 months, and our typical client will graduate about a month or two early from their program. Actual dates depend on whether you have had any changes to your program or if anything has changed with your participation in depositing funds in your special purpose savings account. So the […]

How do I handle creditor/collection calls?

This is one of the most negative effects of a debt resolution program: creditor calls. Anytime you owe somebody money, they have the right to call you. However, there are many laws and statutes regarding how creditors can collect and when they can make those phone calls. This includes what time, what they can ask […]

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